At America’s Islamic Radio, our goal is to teach people about the religion of Islam and the issues that are impacting Muslims in America.

We work to give a voice to Muslims in America. There are Muslim Americans accomplishing so much and doing great work all throughout this beautiful country.

We focus on highlighting their beautiful work, through interviews and providing coverage.


Kevin Shakil

A Father Of Two, Native Long Islander, And a Die Hard Knicks Fan, Kevin Shakil is one of the Founders Of America’s Islamic Radio. His goal when creating America’s Islamic Radio was to empower the Muslim community in America.

His vision is to take back the narrative of Muslims that has been portrayed in a negative limelight. He strives to show those who are not Muslim, what Islam really is about. His Vision stems from his upbringing of being bullied for his faith. He wants to educate those who don’t know about the religion, and teach them that Muslims are just average people. 

His motivation and hope is that one day, his kids will be judged for their actions and character, and not their faith. He prays that when his daughters get older, they would not have to be embarrassed or have to explain to their peers in America, why they wear a hijab, why they pray five times a day, and why they fast in the month of Ramadan. 

He hopes that through Americas Islamic Radio, those who don’t know, will learn about the beautiful faith of Islam and would not have too have those awkward conversation Muslims in America face today.

Luis F Mendez

Luis F Mendez, Is a former Deputy Director and Project Director of The Nassau County Office Of Minority Affairs. He has been a long time Advocate and a voice of Community Empowerment for the diverse communities of Nassau County. Luis Mendez began working in the empowerment of Muslims through the Long Island Area Post 9/11.

Mr. Mendez has served as a volunteer instructor since 2007 at the Nassau County Police Academy, participating on Ethnic Sensitivity Training of the police force in the County Of Nassau.

Mr. Mendez has twice been elected to the Huntington Station Business Improvement District (HSBID) in Huntington Station, New York, as the representative of the local Hispanic business community.

Luis Mendez’s vision for America’s Islamic Radio, is to make the radio station become part of the mainstreaming of Muslims in the United States and to use it as a tool to break the fear and lack of understanding of the Muslim religion and Muslims people by those who are not able to be exposed to the teachings of the Quran.

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