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Shakil & Co. is a show that highlights American Muslims and shows their achievements in todays society. Discussing important topics such as islamaphobia, politics, and up and coming muslims American’s.

Wednesday At 9:00 PM EST
Host: Kevin Shakil
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Building bridges of peace is a show hosted by Vilma Habibah, a Muslim revert which highlights the struggles muslim reverts face in todays age. Vilma interviews guest who are reverts themselves and tell their story on there path to islam and how they managed it and the struggles they go through.

Domingo A Las 7:00 DE LA TRADE
Con: Vilma Habibah
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Unscripted is a show on Americas Islamic Radio hosted by Maria and Hanaa, two young Muslim activists. Living in a world where balancing your Muslim and American identity can be a major challenge, the hosts started their show, Unscripted, to create a platform to vocalize ideologies that are shoved under the rug for many Muslim youth today.
You can see their quirky and funny personalities shine through in the episodes as they cater to a global audience of all social identities.

Saturday At 7:00 PM EST
Host: Maria & Hanaa
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Quran Tafseer with Mikaeel

This show is hosted by Sheikh Mikaael Abdur Rahman, this show is to help us understand the quran in more detail. The show is given in english to understand the deeper meaning of the holy quran with explanation.

Host: Mikaeel Abdur Rahman
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The Beautiful Names
Shaykh Ibad Wali &
Kevin Shakil

Friday At 6:00 PM EST
Host: Shaykh Ibad Wali & Kevin Shakil
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